2012 in review


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.

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My Favorite Midnight Snack Of Late


I always loved McDonald’s french fries ever since it was sold here in Manila.  Though I have read several articles regarding it being unhealthy to one’s health, I still continue to order it.  I prefer the one from McDonald’s as theirs remain crispy the longest and is not soggy.  It has become a staple for my pre-bedtime cravings and best eaten with a tomato catsup dip.

Lately, I have heard positive reviews from my husband and children about Big and Tasty, McDonald’s answer to Burger King’s King Whopper .  It’s heavier than the quarter-pounder so an order is sufficient for my husband and me for a midnight snack.  Can’t afford to have those pesky liver problems and a subsequent visit to the doctor.  It has everything that I like namely: juicy beef patty, cheese, salad veggies for fiber and clean conscience, and sauce with a distinct smoky flavor.  A perfect partner for the french fries. Yummy.


Lunch at Coral Garden


My first visit to Coral Garden was a few years ago when we celebrated the birthday of my brother.  The restaurant is located at C5 in the Libis area.  Of the several dishes we ordered, it is Chun Buan that comes to mind whenever I pass by  the restaurant coming from southern Metro Manila to our house in Quezon City.  This pork and shrimp dish is eaten by putting a morsel of it in a lettuce leaf and garnished it with peanuts.  The crispy lettuce was a welcome addition that subdued a rather rich flavor.

My visits of  late to Coral Garden were not because of  birthday celebrations.  For two times this year, I have to bring my children to the Fe Del Mundo Medical Center in Banawe where their pediatrician is the Medical Director.  The original Coral Garden is just in front of the hospital.  Because of the good food, my husband and I took our lunch the first time despite its decrepit facade.  Never mind if the paint of the signage was peeling off.  I ordered the  viands that were available since the restaurant’s start of operations in 1978 namely, Coral fried rice, Coral chicken and Coral seafood hotpot.  All of the viands lived up to our expectations.

Yesterday, we were back to the hospital for the second time.  My daughter was complaining of allergies all over her body and her doctor has forbidden her to eat anything with allergens.  There goes Chun Buan with its shrimp, Coral chicken, Coral fried rice and Coral seafood hotpot.  We ordered broccoli with crispy pork belly, eggplant with minced pork and crispy bean curd.  For our drinks, we had almond and black gulaman like the first time.  The food was good but I still prefer the house specialties that date back to 1978.

Chinese Broccoli with Crispy Pork Belly


After the 6:00 PM Mass at our parish, my children coaxed me for a dinner anywhere but the house.  The hubby suggested that we try out Hainanese Delights at SM Fairview.

Perusing the menu, I noted that Hainanese Delights is not a clone of The Chicken Rice Shop.  Aside from the Hainanese Chicken, all the other offerings are  totally different.  Hainanese Delights has more to offer than The Chicken Rice Shop but those of the latter are of better quality, presentation, service and taste.  I’ll have The Chicken Rice Shop’s Roasted Chicken anytime. So with the Nyonya, the desserts.  Also credit cards are not accepted at the Hainanese Delights.

Dinner at Hainanese Delights, SM Fairview

Father’s Day Celeb at Zensho


Our family celebrated Father’s Day a day earlier, June 16, to avoid the long queue characteristic of major holidays.  Local restaurants do not accept reservations on these days.  Since we were not able to eat at Zensho a month earlier for Mother’s Day, we chose it at the first opportunity available.

At Zensho, a chef cooked our orders at the griddle beside our table.  Appetizers include the kani salad and oyster Rockefeller.  Since I love everything with baked cheese and butter, I turned my attention on the platter of oyster Rockefeller in front of me.  The oysters though were not so fresh.  Can’t compete with the fresh steamed ones that I ate at our friend’s house.

Oyster Rockefeller

The Angus beef cubes dish that was stir fried in soy sauce and other ingredients was a hit.  It was so soft and tasty.  Maybe this dish is the reason why it costs more to eat in this restaurant.  I had pandan juice to go with my dinner but it was on the sweet side.  Had to dilute it with cold water to achieve the taste that I want and at the same time not feel guilty for ordering it knowing full well that I am taking maintenance medicines for elevated blood sugar level.

My very sweet pandan juice.

There were raw foods and other cooked ones like tempura, much like the offerings of other restaurants with similar concept.  It costs more though to eat at Zensho and the sad part is the menu selection is limited compared to Saisaki or Sambokojin.  I guess the original propagator of eat-all-you-can can not be outdone.

My Favorite Cinnabon


My husband was craving for coffee as he wasn’t able to drink earlier before leaving for the airport for lack of time.  While waiting for boarding time for our Iloilo trip, we spent the time at the Cinnabon outlet at the Terminal 3 of NAIA.  Cinnabon serves coffee and other hot and cold drinks and of course the cinnamon bread and sticks that made it famous.

To go with my coffee, I ordered a mini pecanbon, a petite version of the pecanbon.  Pecanbon is cinnamon bread with caramel syrup and pecans as toppings.  So sinful for someone who has to watch out for sugar intake… like me. Admittedly sweet but it tastes so good with the melted butter, sugar, caramel syrup and the pecan bits.  Now tell me, who can resist this piece of heaven?