Lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop


A few days ago I read a review by a foodie of the newest kid in town, The Chicken Rice Shop, a restaurant offering Malaysian-Singaporean dishes.  He wrote good things about the restaurant and that made me decide to try what it has to offer.  It just opened last January 23 and seeing the number of customers in the restaurant, I would say that it is becoming popular with Filipinos.

Cruising by C5 on our way home from Pasig, the hubby and I were looking for a place to have lunch when I accidentally saw the signage of The Chicken Rice Shop at Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge.  I told my husband of the review that I just read a few days ago and he made a quick turn at the nearest U-turn.

We were welcomed warmly by the cashier, took our seats and were ready to place our orders.  This time, it was Louie who took our orders.  We ordered a set meal good for two and told Louie that we will place additional orders if the Twin Feast is not enough to satiate our hunger pangs.  First to arrive were the two glasses of Nestea iced tea, my favorite among the powdered teas, and two pieces of Nyonya Pai Tee, one of the several appetizers.  The Nyonya,  crispy fried vegetable dumpling, was an instant hit to both of us.  It was best eaten dipped in chili sauce.  The hubby wanted to make a side order of Nyonyas but I prevailed upon him to wait for the other viands that composed Twin Feast.



After the drinks and the appetizer, Louie served the Dried Vegetable Soup (soup of the day), Hainanese chicken, Honey BBQ Chicken, Pak Choy in Oyster Sauce, Chicken Rice, Ipoh Bean Sprouts and the two sauces, chili and ginger.  The Dried Vegetable Soup was reminiscent of the soups that I tasted in other Chinese restaurants.  There was a faint trace of the spices and I liked it that way.  I liked the Hainanese chicken which I ate with chili and ginger sauces and mixed the sauce of the chicken with my rice.  Yummy!  Because we were engrossed with the Hainanese chicken, we almost forgot about the other chicken dish, the Honey BBQ Chicken.  The BBQ Chicken was also good, just the right sweetness and was cooked just right, no burns.  We were not able to finish the BBQ though as we were already full.  This Twin Feast could still accommodate one more person.

Nyonya with chili sauce

Hainanese Chicken

Honey BBQ Chicken

Dried Vegetable Soup, Chicken Rice and 2 sauces

The vegetable dishes that came with this order, Pak Choy in Oyster Sauce and Ipoh Bean Sprouts, were both cooked with oyster sauce and sesame oil.  Just wondering why two similarly cooked dishes would go in one set meal though the bean sprouts were garnished with hot chili.  I had to remove the chili lest I ingest it.

Pak Choy in Oyster Sauce

Ipoh Bean Sprouts

We didn’t try any of the desserts as there was no more room in our stomach for cendol, kacang or belanda.   Well there’s always a next time.


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I started blogging in 2008 but was not doing it regularly. It took more than a year to come up with another blog, this time a blog that talked about everyday occurrences. I post on things that caught my attention, people who made me laugh, and matters that cross my mind and need answers. In short, I will be blogging on simple things, snapshots of life. I am wife to Jun, my husband of 24 years and mother to Marco, Nina and Kara. I help out Jun in our family business and hopefully help grow the business so I can spend more time on things that I love to do like travelling, eating, blogging, cooking, cross stitching.

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